Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Starting tomorrow

I am sitting here with Elena in a giggling fit because of a mistake between my finger and a cusion. Yes this will be intresting.

Tomorrow is the 1st of April ( happy birthday dad) and hopefully the first drawings. Lets see where we are in a month, if it goes well we may try drawing something else and a coffee.

Elena is a fan of the cortado, basically an espresso with a glimpse of milk. One sugar.

Toby (me) will drink most coffee provided its strong. Sometimes black, sometimes white, sometimes with sugar, sometimes without. Normally black no sugar. 

Also, Tea is served with milk. Tea is Tea. Earl Grey Tea is not Tea it is Earl Grey Tea. Pepermint Tea too is not Tea, but Peppermint Tea. The subject of tea is a controversial one so we shall stick to coffee.

Elena has stopped giggling now and is pretending to sleep. oh no, she just read this and is giggling again :)